Terry Jones Passed Away

Terry Jones

Terry Jones, A name of excellence has passed away at 77. Terry Jones was a screenwriter comedian, historian & director of many of the films in Hollywood. He was born in Colwyn Bay, Wales. He owned the membership of the comedy group Monty Python. He was highly rated at the percentage of 97 & he also owns the record of being record on only 7%. He also worked as staff writer for BBC. The internationally popular comedy team Monty Python had Terry Jones their comedy conspirator from 1969 to 1972. His contributions for media industry are listed below:


He directed many of the Hollywood films being in Monty Python like Life of Brian in 1979, Meaning of Life in 1983. He also directed many of the Hollywood movies in his own instead of remaining in Monty Python like Erik Wiking in 1989, Personal Services in 1987. He always wrote the screenplay script of his own novel named Labyrinth in 1986.


He also wrote many books & novels like,
• Fairy Tales (1981)
• The Saga of Erik Viking (1983)
• Terry Jones’s Medieval lives (2004)
• Nicobobinus (1985)
• Chaucer’s Night (1980)
• The Lady & the Squire (2018)
• The Tyrant & the Squire (2018)
• Crusades (1994)
• The Pythons Autobiography by Pythons (2003)
• The Beast with a thousand Teeth (1993)
• The Knight & the Squire (1997)
• The Fly-by-night (1994)
• Monty Python’s Big Red Book (1971)
• The Goblins of Labyrinth (1986)
• The Trouble on the Heath (2011)
• Bedtime Stories (2002)
• The Brand New Monty Python Bok (1973)
• The Sea Tiger (1994)
• Catching the moment (1997)
• The Dragon on the Roof (1996)
• Fashion now 2 (2005)
• Evil Machines (2011)
• A fish of the world (1993)
• Attacks of Opinion (1988)
• Do not Adjust your Set (2017)
• The Griffith wars (2017)
• How to change your career (2005)
• Your diet – your health (2013)
• Edmonton oilers (1996)
• The left handed gun (1999)
His highest rated film was Monty Python & Holy Grail, which rated at 97%. Terry Jones’s friend named Michael Palin wrote a letter that it was painful to watch Terry Jones death. Palin wrote on his facebook timeline that it is the cruelest thing he has ever seen his life which happened to Terry Jones. Palin is the one of the closest friend of Terry, they worked more than 50 years together. Palin & Jones met at a local pub nearby their house in last week just for a regular meal. It is popular about Terry Jones that he talks less but smiles well. He also holds the record of getting a social reward of Film & television contributions.
Terry Jones


A spokesperson for Jones said, “Terry has been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia, a variant of frontotemporal dementia. This illness affects his ability to communicate and he is no longer able to give interviews. Terry is proud and honoured to be recognised in this way and is looking forward to the celebrations.”. Terry Jones, a founding member of the anarchic Monty Python troupe who was hailed by colleagues as “the complete Renaissance comedian” and “a man of endless enthusiasms,” has died after a battle with dementia, because Terry J. suffered from Dementia. One of Terry’s family member said in a statement that, "Over the past few days his wife, children, extended family and many close friends have been constantly with Terry as he gently slipped away at his home in North London," the statement said. "We have all lost a kind, funny, warm, creative and truly loving man whose uncompromising individuality, relentless intellect and extraordinary humour has given pleasure to countless millions across six decades”. There is no doubt that Terry served as comedian for more than 5 decades on both sides of Atlantic Ocean. Comic artists & other actors paid tribute to Jones after he passed away. A retelling of the story of King Arthur that features an ensemble of offbeat characters like The Knights Who Say Ni, the film was ranked by ABC in 2011 as the second-best comedy movie of all time, after the movie named “AirPlane”. Once he said that "That ('Monty Python') income means I can do things that don't make money”. Another comedian Stephen Fry, on Terry Jones Farewell tweeted that"Farewell, Terry Jones. The great foot has come down to stamp on you. My god what pleasure you gave, what untrammelled joy and delight. What a wonderful talent, heart and mind”.
Terry always worked just to seek the love & respect for him from people. This world will always remember Terry’s Contributions for Comedy just for the sake of Comedy.

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